Partnering with real winemakers

The foremost mission of Wanderlust Wine is to give you a true and direct connection to the root – quite literally – of the wine you drink. We believe that wine mades sustainably, both environmentally and socially, should not be a luxury: these should be the only wines you drink.

That’s why our portfolio consists exclusively of producers with whom we develop close relationships and who share our philosophy. There are no compromises on quality and no middlemen. Our ethos is to work directly with the people who mindfully work the land and grapes, to craft expressive wines of the highest quality and value.

United Kingdom

Who would’ve thought, 20 years ago, that the UK would be producing award-winning world-class wines?! Well that’s exactly what’s happening with British pours rivalling the best of the best in blind tastings, competitions and reviews. We’re proud to list some of the most characterful producers in the vibrant national scene.


A country with a fascinating diversity of indigenous varieties and landscapes, Italy is a wine lover’s paradise. From the hills of Barolo to the sun-drenched vineyards of Sardinia, there’s something for everyone – regardless of whether you love a classical or rustic bottle.


Ah Spain! Home of iconic wines but also of so many under-appreciated styles and innovative producers. Look here for a reinterpretation of a place you might think you know… and be ready to be pleasantly surprised.


Portugal is home to hundreds of indigenous varieties and an incredible diversity of terroirs. With a unique combination of tradition and innovation it is – hands down – one of the most fascinating wine-producing countries.


Greece might be the most obviously hidden treasure in the wine world. Its ancient winemaking traditions, indigenous varieties and unique terroirs nurture incredibly unique wines that will transport you to equally unique landscapes.


Winemaking in Lebannon was for a long time overlooked and disregarded, even though the country’s tradition goes back 2000 years. But some 20th century pioneers revived it and built world-renowned icons…


A true pioneer of organic and biodynamic viticulture, Austria has an impressive and mature combination of tradition and innovation in equal measures. A compulsory stop for lovers of fine, low intervention pours.


Yet another country whose winemaking traditions are often misinterpreted. Is sweet Tokaji the only thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Hungarian wines?! Think again. The elegance and diversity of styles is fascinating (and incredible value!).

New Zealand

Home of the most recognisable Sauvignon Blancs? Yes, New Zealand is that but so much more. Central Otago, for example, is quickly becoming the source of some of the world’s most elegant Pinot Noirs. And there’s so much more to discover…


A place of pioneering experimentation – in wine and cuisine alike – Australia has been revolutionising the world’s palate for decades. Its vibrant gastronomy and hospitality scene has nurtured a community of work class chefs and winemakers. The proof is in the bottle!

South Africa

Considered by many journalists and critics to be the world’s most exciting wine country of the last decade, South Africa has built on a solid tradition and unique stock of centuries-old vineyards to become an innovative and boundary-pushing producer. We’re proud to represent some of the country’s most iconic vintners.


Argentina beyond traditional, over-extracted Malbec? Look no further: here you’ll find organically certified wines, with the freshness and finesse that even an Argentinian steak requires.


You are not alone if you’re among those that don’t know that Uruguay produces (world class) wine. Some of its terroirs have been compared to Tuscany and Burgundy. Intrigued?

Wine Icons

A special section dedicated to some of the world’s most iconic winemakers. These are names that have inspired us in our trajectory as importers but also, and most importantly, as wine lovers.
We never miss an opportunity to buy stock for ourselves so have now extended the ‘library’ so that it’s available to all of you.