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Weinviertel, Austria

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Stefan Pratsch

Weinviertel, Austria

Bringing a forward-looking approach to a family commitment to organic viticulture

It became obvious, from very early on, that Stefan Pratsch would take over his family’s winery – his passion and vocation were clear. After a solid theoretical education at the viticultural school in Mistelbach, he dived into the operations of his parents’ traditional business and perfected it according to his own ethos.

Location: Hohenruppersdorf, Weinviertel, Austria

Working with us since: 2020

Total area under vine: 20 ha (additional 30 ha leased)

Viticultural standards: Organic certified


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Interesting fact: By refusing to use any animal products in the winery (if you didn’t know that this is common practice for most commercial wines read more here) Stefan ensures that his whole range is vegan-friendly. Instead of agents like gelatine he uses pea and potato starch as stabilising agents.

Stefan Pratsch Wines

The result of Stefan Pratsch’s work is an elegant and approachable range of wines, all vegan-friendly and organic certified, that offer a clear interpretation of the Weinviertel region and grape varieties.

He’s built on his family tradition and knowledge for a more modern approach, aware of the most sustainable practices and contemporary drinking habits.

Stefan is particularly mindful of the time it takes the fruit to achieve ideal ripeness and of the specificity of the soils he works in. He harvests at perfect maturity allowing for spontaneous fermentation – for all his wines – to occur without issues. The grapes stay in contact with the yeast for extended periods for maximum complexity and texture. This is key to producing the fresh and nuanced wines he has become known for.

The Pratsch family have long been important advocates of organic viticulture, having attained their certification thirty years ago. Stefan remains relentlessly faithful to these principles, both in the vineyards and in the cellar. All 20 hectares of his own vineyards, as well as the additional 30 he buys fruit from, are managed under strict organic standards. In the cellar, not only does he resort exclusively to spontaneous fermentation but also refuses to use any artificial processing agents. Animal products are not used at all (his range is fully vegan) and there’s only a minimum addition of sulphur.

This is what makes Stefan’s wines – as the soils in his vineyards – so incredibly alive!