Direct Sourcing Wines

At Wanderlust Wine, we only stock wines that we source directly from vineyards. There are no middlemen meaning that everyone gets a better deal.

We go off the beaten track to find small, artisanal producers that are not represented in the UK. They must have the right attitude and ethos towards production and most importantly, they must be making great wine.

By visiting their vineyard, understanding their story and negotiating with them directly, we’re able to form exclusive, long-lasting relationships to sell this wine directly to our customers. We don’t believe in strong-arming them for heavy discounts. Either we agree about pricing the wine fairly and of excellent quality or we walk away.

It’s estimated that in a large scale operation, around 100 people ‘touch’ the wine on its way from harvest to glass. By sourcing directly, we reduce the number of people that are involved in bringing the wine from the vineyard to consumers and can offer a better price to both the vineyard and our customers.

Wine industry distribution tiers

Wanderlust Wine’s direct sourcing approach means that we can shorten the supply chain. You’ll notice that our wines start around the £9 mark, with an average bottle price between £12-15. This reflects the higher quality of the product, as well as the lower yields and increased costs of production associated with artisan wine.

Wanderlust wine sourcing directly

We’re proud to be working with and supporting our portfolio of small, sustainable producers around the world.