Wine Organics 101

Wine Organics

For all the pleasure it gives, wine is not the easiest product to understand. So many variables hide behind each label and inside each bottle. For all those who, like us, worry about the quality and principles that guide the production of the wine we drink, it is essential to unpack the main concepts around sustainability in the wine world.

What is an organic wine? What is the difference between organics and biodynamics? Why does a producer that farms organically doesn’t necessarily have organic certification for his wines? Vegan wine?! What is that all about?

You might have asked yourself these and many other questions. You might have stood, puzzled, staring at the supermarket shelves without knowing how to interpret all the flashy terms (Natural! Vegan! Low sulphur!) being used, often abusively, by bulk producers. Worry not: we’re here to explain and demystify all the sustainable wine jargon. A great way to know your way around a wine list but also the perfect guide to all the standards and principles that guide the work of the producers on our portfolio.