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4 Hàz
Tokaji, Hungary

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4 Ház

Tokaji, Hungary

An unconventional approach to a classical region

Two generations of the Stumpf family joined forces to drive a project that brings a fresh approach to the terroir and grapes of the iconic Hungarian region of Tokaji. By bringing together decades of experience in the region’s vineyards, technological expertise and a modern stylistic outlook, 4 Ház makes wines that are the perfect introduction to Hungary’s landscape and grapes.

Location: Tokaji, Hungary

Working with us since: 2020


Interesting fact: The brand’s name and visual identity – Négy Ház, ‘Four houses’ – takes the four houses that sit along the family’s vineyards (pictured in the photo below right) as its inspiration. The different wines will have labels reflecting the vineyard location in the matrix of buildings that illustrates each of them.

4 Ház Wines

It took Miklós Stumpf Jr. some effort to persuade his father that both his future and that of the family revolved around wine. After a life of work in the vineyards – first state-owned and then his own – Miklós Sr. was hoping his children would find careers that could allow them to make more money with less effort. However, both his son and daughter inherited a passion for the art and business of wine.

After pursuing another, desk-bound job, Miklós Stumpf Jr. eventually graduated in wine-growing and oenology, and returned to Tokaji to follow his true calling. His sister Brigitta joined him on the marketing and sales front. Under the guidance of their father, with his long experience working the land and grapes of Tokaji, and of their mother Julika, bringing in her management skills, they founded Chateau Tokaji. The family company now labels its wines under the 4 Ház brand.

They source grapes from the family’s own 16 hectares of vineyards but also from other growers, with plots scattered around the Tokaji municipalities of Sárospatak, Hercegkút, Sárazsadány, Tolcsva and Tarcal. They work exclusively with fruit from the three main indigenous grapes, Muscat Lunel, Furmint and Hárslevelű, harvested by hand. The Stumpf’s have recently built a new winery, at the very centre of their vineyards, where the wines will be produced from vintage 2020. It will be an important step to consolidate a project that brings together two generations, working knowledge of the region’s winemaking history, a love for Tokaji and modern technical expertise.