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Railsback Frères
Santa Barbara, California, USA

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Railsback Freres

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Californian Rascasses, cooked Provençal style

It all started as a playful collaboration to produce a Bandol-inspired rosé paying tribute to Domaine Tempier. Access to a wider range of prime fruit from other Southern French varieties and a partnership with talented winemaking friends has since allowed the Railsback brothers to significantly expand their Gallic range.

Location: Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara,California, USA

Working with us since: 2021


Interesting fact: Lyle Railsback is not only one of his generation’s wine industry tastemakers and most proactive entrepreneurs. He is also an artist and illustrator, having developed the artwork for books and wine labels namely those, of course, of Railsback Frères. 

Railsback Frères Wines

Both long-time fans and faithful drinkers of Domaine Tempier’s wines, Lyle and Eric Railsback decided to create a Californian rosé that would pay tribute to the iconic Bandol estate. The venture was initially just a mischievous side-project, with the two brothers still focusing mainly on their intense core activities: Lyle as national account manager for renowned importer and merchant Kermit Lynch; Eric as sommelier and restaurateur extraordinaire, owner of Verve wine and partner of Lieu Dit.

Eventually they gained access to more and better-quality fruit from different Southern French varieties. This, along with the possibility of partnering with their talented friends at Presq’uile, where alçl the Raislback Frères are made, allowed them to expand their range which now includes an exciting collection of reds and whites as well.

Lyle and Eric call themselves Les Rascasses, a playful nod to Lulu Peyraud, the charismatic matriarch of Domaine Tempier. Lulu was an outstanding host and even better cook, known for her talent to elevate the best Provençal dishes. The rascasses is the fish she considered best to make bouillabaisse; this ‘scorpion of the sea’ can sting and generate electric shocks and cannot be handled with bare hands until it hits the pan. Eventually it delivers one of the tastiest meats. 

 Electric vibrancy and plain deliciousness are also attributes of the Railsback Frères wines, imbued with purity and meant to be enjoyed playfully alongside delicious food.