About Us

Our Story

Wanderlust Wine was set up to offer sustainable, quality wine made by small producers with honesty and love. Wanderlust is a word meaning ‘a strong desire to travel’ – we use this in the context of new wines, new regions and new styles to keep exploring the boundaries of the wine world we know.

Harvest to Glass – Sustainable wine

We represent a selection of artisanal producers that are exclusive to us from all over the world. These producers are small, extremely passionate about what they do and all share a commitment to sustainability. From growing the grapes to fermenting the juice and bottling their finished wines, they do things in a way that keeps the vineyards naturally healthy and productive over the long term.

As a result, all the wines we sell are organically farmed, organic or biodynamically certified. You can read more about sustainability and the different classifications for wine here.

Our Ethos – Simple, honest and fair

We only source directly from winemakers – there are no middlemen and we don’t demand big discounts on price. So, we believe that producers should get a fair price for the hard work and commitment they put in, so either we think it’s fantastic wine at a fair price, or we walk away.

We believe in connecting you to our winemakers so that you can understand their stories, goals and reasons for making the wines they do. And we invite them to the UK 4 or 5 times a year so you can meet them in person to hear all about it first hand at one of our tastings!

We passionately believe that producers should get a fair price for the hard work and commitment they put in. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for large retailers and merchants to use their position to drive down the price to the absolute minimum with the winemaker in order to maximize their profits.

The wine you drink can touch around 100 people on its way to you but by sourcing it directly, we can trim that down to 70 or even 80 people, so that there’s more in it for you and winemakers. Everyone gets a better deal!

We Love

Certified Standards

Organic and Biodynamic certified vineyards

Organically Farmed Wines

These aren’t certified but they use the same practices when producing wine

Minimal Machinery

Pruning and harvesting the vines by hand with more care

Minimal Intervention

Minimal chemicals, and only organic, from plant sources. Fewer synthetic inputs

Natural, not chemical defences

Using the ecosystem to protect the vines such as attracting beneficial insects to protect against the harmful ones

A moral compass

Vineyards that care about the practices they use to get to the finished product

We Hate

Mass made wine

Where winemaking is a large scale industrial process and with little human contact

Synthetic chemicals

That are sprayed on the vines and grapes for short-term gain

Lack of respect

Little care for the environment or respect for the soil that grows the grapes

Where is the love?

Vineyards that care more about the economics and less about the ethos of their work

How It All Started

Say hello to Richard, our founder. After 10 years in corporate banking, Richard, who is an ex-chef with a degree in Food & Wine Technology, enrolled himself into wine school. Initially meant as an extension of interest and hobby to widen his wine knowledge, he progressed through the levels and along the way discovered that there was something really special about the wine industry – the people, the passion, the dynamics. A month later, the concept of Wanderlust Wine was born – to import wines that you couldn’t buy in the UK from small producers that Richard had discovered on his travels.

Armed with a business plan and a handful of golden producers, Richard got to work sourcing a warehouse and talking to sommeliers about the concept. A few years on from the initial idea, Wanderlust Wine is proud to be working with an exciting portfolio of small producers all making sustainable wine.