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Domaine Jamet
Northern Rhône, France

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Domaine Jamet

Ampuis, Rhône, France

A family’s quest for elegance and balance – that redefined an Appellation

It is impossible to think of the wines of Côte-Rôtie without having the Jamet name as absolute reference. The work done by Jean-Paul and Corinne, now carried on by their son Loïc, has redefined the appellation’s style and potential, revealing a finesse some might have thought impossible to achieve.

Location: Ampuis, Rhône, France


Interesting fact: Jean-Paul’s trust in the talent of his son and in the potential of the knowledge he gained while working in wineries abroad has taken shape in the first Condrieu with a Jamet label. The wine is Loïc’s brainchild and his full responsibility, from vineyard to bottle. The first release was the 2015 vintage and we can’t wait to try what is bound to be a fantastic expression of Viognier!

Domaine Jamet Wines

In 1976 Jean-Paul Jamet left school to join his father, Joseph, at the helm of the family’s winery. This would mark the beginning of a quiet revolution that changed not only the wines produced by the Jamet family, but also the world’s expectations about the Côte-Rôtie appellation and the potential of its terroirs.

Jean-Paul started challenging assumptions by making daring changes towards precision viticulture and careful winemaking. These would allow for the more refined and balanced expression of Syrah that he believed the mineral soils of Côte-Rôtie could deliver. He believed that the true beauty of the wines could only start by understanding the terroir and development of the viness and it was by spending countless hours in the vineyards that he developed his knowledge and, ultimately, winemaking style.

Domaine Jamet’s wines are not single-vineyard bottlings because Jean-Paul believes each parcel contributes with a particular element to an ultimate goal: perfect balance. Through his work, the Côte-Rôtie appellation arrived at a newfound finesse, freshness and cellaring potential. 

In the 1990s Jean-Paul’s wife Corinne joined him at the head of the Domaine to develop a solid communication strategy that has allowed the world to fully appreciate and understand the work done by her husband. Which is now being carried on by their son Loïc who, even though he graduated in Viticulture, has mostly learnt his craft in the vineyard, following his father on the steep slopes of the Côte-Rôtie. 

Their wines speak of this dramatic landscape and of the elegance of the schist soils. Balance, consistency and knowledge are the family’s motto and this is certainly what you can taste in each bottle of Jamet.