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Jean-Luc Mouillard
Jura, France

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Jean-Luc Mouillard

Jura, France

Expressive wines from the Jura terroir

Since 1991, Jean-Luc Mouillard has been producing terroir-driven wines from the Jura, in his beautiful vaulted cellars from the 16th century. In 30 years, Domaine Mouillard has established itself as a multi-appellation reference in the Jura wine landscape.

Location: Mantry, Jura, France

Working with us since: 2022

Viticultural standards: Organic (in conversion since 2020)

Total area under vine: 11 hectares


Jean-Luc Mouillard Wines

vineyards in Jura from Domaine Mouillard

In 1991, soon after obtaining his winemaking diploma and living in Beaune for a year, Jean-Luc Mouillard returned to his hometown in the Jura department, precisely in Nevy-Sur-Seille, to start his wine estate. With both his parents working as cooperative winegrowers and farmers, Jean-Luc grew was already well versed in the works of viticulture. Over the years, his farm grew and moved to Mantry, a village located in the heart of Revermont.

Jean-Luc now works with his wife, Annie and their son, Mathieu, 11 hectares of vines, spread over three appellations: Château-Chalon, L’Etoile and Côtes du Jura. They acquired their house in 1997, which contains the 16th century cellars where they built their winery in 2005. At the end of 2013, the estate was further expanded with the construction of a storage building.

Domain Mouillard team

The local terroirs are decisive in obtaining the characteristic taste of Jura wines. In 2016, Domaine Mouillard acquired a new vineyard called “En Normois”, a plot planted with 20-year-old Savagnin, and spread over different soils: clays, marls, limestone beds. In an attempt to respect this incredibly diverse environment, the estate started its conversion to organic certification in 2020, following a low-intervention viticulture philosophy, which consists of field observation, counting of insect pests and preservation of auxiliary fauna, This makes it possible to optimize and reduce the use of phytosanitary products. The soil is worked every other row and the other grassed to limit overproduction and avoid compaction.

The estate’s cellar practices are just as traditional and low-intervention as the ones practiced in the vineyards. All the fruit is harvested by hand at optimum maturity to express its unique characteristics. It is carefully selected and gently handled, from the vines to the cellar, to preserve its quality and avoid unnecessary actions in the winemaking process.

16th century cellar at Domaine Mouillard, Jura, France