Wedding Wine

We cater for a large number of weddings each year, helping to elevate the day’s celebration and making sure the beverage selection matches the wider festive plan.
Working with the bride, groom and venue where the event is hosted, we will assist in creating the wine selection that will make your special day truly memorable.

For most brides, grooms and wedding planners, choosing wine for a wedding is a hugely important aspect, crucial to making the special day a success.
As we know, a good party with great wine is brilliant. A party with average wine, on the other hand, never feels that enjoyable. When couples turn to where to get their wine from, the first approach often is ‘Supermarket or ‘Majestic?’… This easily leads to disappointment and overspending. So how about trusting someone who can really help to curate a great wine selection, work against your budget and make sure everything, from planning to delivery, goes smoothly?
This is where we hope we can come in.

Here at Wanderlust Wine we specialise in importing smaller, organic producers from around the world.
We represent a selection of artisanal winemakers from all over the world that are exclusive to us. From growing the grapes to fermenting the juice and bottling their finished wines, they do things in a way that keeps the vineyards naturally healthy and productive in the long term. All the wines we sell are either organically or biodynamically farmed. You can read much more about our story and ethos here.

Where to start?

The fundamental variables that will help us steer you in the right direction are rather practical.
Have these at hand for your first call/meeting with us:

  • How many guests?
  • When is the wedding? What time of day? How long will the ceremony and reception last?
  • Is there a theme to the wedding?
  • What type of wine do you want to be served and when?
  • If with food, then what are your chosen menu(s) or type of dishes?
  • What is your budget overall and also what is your budget split between sparkling and still wines?
  • Does the venue charge corkage? Are they able to store and cool the wine ahead of the big day?

The fun bit: choosing Great Wines!

Our team will help you get the selection right by understanding your needs and wishes.
Based on the criteria above we can make a first round of recommendations, such as:

  • what sparkling wines to choose (Champagne , Crémant or Prosecco for example);
  • best styles and body of white wine;
  • how heavy or light should the reds be;
  • and of course, the ever more important rosé. Everyone loves to drink pink in the sun with their best hats on!

Once we have a shortlist, we will send you a set of samples. These are chargeable but the cost will be deducted from the final bill when your place your final order so that you do not pay for the choosing experience.
We also offer a 10% discount against bottle price on orders over a certain value/volume.

Some couples choose to taste the wines along with food similar to the wedding menu. This gives a better, accurate idea of the match, informing your overall pick.

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

“The big decision”!
We don’t mean whether you go ahead with it..! But merely whether to serve Champagne or not. We often recommend good quality sparkling wines or Crémants (French Traditional Method sparkling wine made outside of the designated Champagne region) which can taste a lot nicer than budget champagnes. Just because it says Champagne on the label does not mean it is great, it is no guarantee of quality, merely that the liquid comes from the Champagne region! Not everyone likes bubbles though – do offer an alternative, especially as this could save you money.

Every summer day is a rosé-day
If you are having a summer wedding do consider serving rosé too – there’s nothing nicer on a warm day than a refreshing glass of fruity rosé.

The After-Party
If you plan a long party, lasting well into the evening, you don’t have to serve top quality fizz or still wine all night. Guest will probably be too tired to fully enjoy them…Think of switching to a simpler selection.

Quantities and getting-it-right
From our considerable experience of supplying wines to weddings, we know the biggest challenge is getting the quantities right. We are here to advise you and get the maths right!

We also offer Wedding Wine on a Sale & Return basis for any cases of wine spare/not needed and if they are unopened – meaning you only pay for what you drink.

Once you’ve tasted your samples and shortlisted your choices….

We then schedule a video meeting to discuss your final choices and answer any last questions before moving onto the logistics of ordering & delivery.
These will include:

  • setting aside stock of the wines you have selected
  • arranging delivery to your chosen venue (or caterers) at the right time
  • advising on ideal storage and serving temperature
  • assisting with recommendations on glass hire (both flutes and still wine glasses)
  • sale and return is no problem, as long as you are able to return the wine to our warehouse

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