Wanderlust Wine Club

Join the Wine Club that everyone is talking about.
Organic, sustainable and artisanal wines straight to your door every two months.
Become part of our family and benefit from an ongoing member discount. 

How it works


Choose between Silver, Gold or Platinum Wine Subscriptions and receive 4-10 bottles every two months

Payment Choice

Pay bimonthly, every 6 months or annually for your membership
(gift subscriptions need to be paid upfront)

Online Discount

As a thank you for your loyalty, you will receive 5% -12.5% discount on all orders through the online shop

Free Tastings

Get complimentary tickets to our tasting events, where you can meet our small, exclusive producers and taste their wines

No tie-in

We know situations can change! Cancel or Pause your membership anytime without any dispute

Discovery Box

As an intro offer, you have the option to purchase a “discovery” box for £75 (usually £100), showcasing our members’ favourite wines

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Wine Club Membership Levels

If you have an questions,  please contact us at ines@wanderlustwine.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 203 488 5258.


£24 per month (billed every 2 months)

Our silver membership is filled with everyday drinkers and occasional more expensive gems to enjoy or wow guests with. You’ll get 4 bottles every 2-months with the average bottle price being £12. A complimentary ticket to our tastings is also included!


£58 per month (billed every 2 months)

Our gold box is the most popular with those that love discovering new wines whilst learning more about others they might already know. You can choose from mixed, red-only or white-only selection, all covering different styles and including a number of more expensive award-winners.  Benefit from additional free tickets to bring a friend to our tasting events.


£100 per month (billed every 2 months)

This is the choice for wine lovers looking for something truly special. The platinum selections feature the more exclusive wines at the top of our portfolio, as well as the occasional fine, rare bottle not listed on the website. As recognition for being our top VIPs, you’ll receive an ongoing 12.5% discount and more tickets to bring your friends to our tasting events.


£24 per month (billed every 2 months)

4 bottles of wine every 2 months

Each box contains a mix of sparkling, white, and red wines

£12 average bottle price

With each case we give you the full story on each wine, background information on the producer, tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

5% ongoing discount

1 free ticket per tasting event

Optional ‘Discovery Box’ at 25% off, showcasing some of our most popular wines

Dedicated customer support and Wine Concierge

Gifting options available


£58 per month (billed every 2 months)

8 bottles of wine every 2 months

Choose a mixed, red-only, or white-only selection

£14.50 average bottle price

With each case we give you the full story on each wine, background information on the producer, tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

10% ongoing discount

2 free tickets per tasting event

Optional ‘Discovery Box’ at 25%, off showcasing some of our most popular wines

Dedicated customer support and Wine Concierge

Gifting options available


£100 per month (billed every 2 months)

10 bottles of wine every 2 months

Each box contains a mix of sparkling, white, and red wines

£20 average bottle price

With each case we give you the full story on each wine, background information on the producer, tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

12.5% ongoing discount

4 free tickets per tasting event

Optional ‘Discovery Box’ at 25% off, showcasing some of our most popular wines

Enjoy rarer and hard-to-find wines, including some older vintages

Dedicated customer support and Wine Concierge

Gifting options available

“A creative and adventurous way to ensure you have a great wine selection in stock at home. I have been a member of Naked, The Times Wine Club and others, and Wanderlust, in my opinion, is the best wine club out there.”

Phil, Reading

“I’ve loved every box of Wanderlust’s Wine Club – the discovery box was an awesome introduction to the range of wines and styles, and the curated quarterly boxes have impressed me every single time”

Sarah D, London

Wine Club FAQs

Why is joining the Wanderlust Wine Club the best thing I will do today? What makes this Club special?

The idea of a Wine Club was prompted by repeated requests from our customers. “I really love your wines, but I don’t always have the time to log-on and go through the options and choose what I want. Can’t you just send me more great wines and bill me? That would be wonderful.” “I’d love to try more interesting wines but I don’t feel confident navigating different regions and grapes so end up buying the same bottles over and over again. Can you help?” These are examples of messages that filled our inbox and around which our Wine Club started taking shape.

If you want a convenient and stimulating way to get wine delivered to your door on a regular basis, be surprised by different styles, producers & regions, and learn while enjoying great pours, our Wine Club is the answer.

And in addition to exploring, discovering and learning, you’ll have additional member benefits, namely an ongoing discount on additional orders on our website and free tickets to our tasting events.

Which Wine Club should I join?

The three membership tiers offer different wine selections and benefits. The main differences are the number of bottles you’ll get every two months, the number of free tickets to tasting events and the ongoing discount percentage on any orders you place outside of the wine club.

So the main thinks to consider are how much you want to spend, how your drinking habits look like and the extent to which you’d like to learn and explore. Work out your budget, how often you would like to pay (bi monthly, biannually or annually) and take a good look at the benefits listed in the table above. And if you’re unsure and feel like you need some help, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Can I buy this as a gift?

Yes, of course!

Our Wine Club makes a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones! When purchasing simply select one of the gifting options listed for each tier (e.g. Gold Gift: 6 months (mixed)). You’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address and you’ll be able to schedule the date/time when they’ll be notified of your gift. The recipient is then emailed with their gift and asked to claim their subscription. When claiming the gift they’ll be able to set up their account details and submit the shipping address for their wine subscription (please note that we only ship inside the UK). Both the recipient and purchaser of a gifted subscription are able to manage and view the details of the subscription via our subscriptions portal. All gift subscriptions are, by default non-renewable. So if you select a 2-month billing cycle the subscription will run for 2 months only – i.e. the giftee will only receive one wine club shipment.

2 months? 6 months? A year?

You can select your preferred billing cycle – bimonthly, every 6 months or yearly.
This refers to the frequency of payments – NOT to the duration of the subscription – and your membership will auto-renew at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

For gift subscriptions, on the other hand, you’ll be able to select the duration of your gift and the full amount will need to be paid upfront. Gift subscriptions will not renew automatically.

I've been referred by a friend who is a member. Is there a referral scheme?


Simply ask your friend that is already a member to email us with your details (name and email address). Once your subscription comes through we’ll send each of you a £20 voucher to redeem at the shop.

Are there any offers for new members?

Yes, as a new member you can chose, upon subscribing, to purchase our Discovery Box, which is normally £100, at a welcome price of £75! This box, featuring some our members absolute favourites, will give you an exciting overview of our portfolio and of what to expect from your membership.

Where are the wine tasting events held?

The wine tasting events take place, throughout the year, in London. For those living a little further away, we always give good notice of the tastings calendar which hopefully will allow you to plan ahead and join us! These are fantastic opportunities to meet the Wanderlust team, come face-to-face with our producers and ask all the questions while enjoying a good glass in very good company.

How do I sign up?

It’s really simple!

Simply select one of the membership plans listed under each of the tiers above. You’ll be able to select the level of membership and your billing cycle preferences. You’ll also be able to decide whether to use your Discovery Box intro-offer. Once you’ve completed your check-out process you’ll receive an email notification confirming that your subscription is live. (You might also receive another notification, from GoCardless, if you decided to set up a direct debit.) You’ll then able to setup your membership account and manage your subscription on our subscription portal.

When will I receive my first box?

Your first Silver, Gold or Platinum selection will be shipped as soon as your subscription and payment have been cleared in our systems! So you should receive your wines within 2 to 3 business days. If you opted for the Discovery Box, this will also be shipped asap, along with your first selection.

But keep an eye on your inbox: our Wine Cub Director will be in touch with details and shipping confirmation.

What if I particularly like one of the bottles included in my Wine Club box? Can I get more asap?

You certainly can! Simply go to our website shop and order more. (Don’t forget to redeem your member discount code at check out.)

Or use your member Wine Concierge service: simply drop us an email and we’ll sort the order and shipment for you!!

Is it possible to select a preference of wine colour with my subscription?

There are red-only and white-only options for the Gold subscriptions. For the Silver and Platinum tiers there’s only the option of mixed cases, with a selection of sparkling, white, rosé and red pours.

I live outside the UK. Can I still subscribe to the Wine Club?

Unfortunately we currently ship inside the UK only.

I live outside the UK but would like to give a gift subscription to a friend that lives there. Is this possible?

Absolutely! As long as a UK shipping address is provided you’ll have no issues at all.

In fact our Wine Club subscriptions have become popular gifts among overseas customers that want to treat their family and friends in the UK.

How do I cancel my Wine Club subscription?

There is no tie-in, and you can cancel at any point. Simply log-in to your subscription account and schedule your cancellation.

Your membership will then run until the end of the current billing cycle and then be automatically cancelled.