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Molmenti & Celot
Friuli, Italy

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Molmenti & Celot

Friuli, Italy

Gold Medal Wines You Can Bet On

No other vineyard can make the same claim as Molmenti & Celot, which began with a bet between two cousins. Daniele Molmenti had finished competing at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and, as he prepared for London 2012, was spending time with his cousin Federico Celot who already lived in the UK capital. This was when the challenge was born: the two decided they would buy a plot of land for a vineyard in Pordenone if Daniele took home the gold medal. Daniele did indeed take home the gold for Italy in the kayak slalom event and the cousins carried out their plan in 2014 with their first commercial wine featuring a perfect dry Prosecco.

Location: Friuli, Italy

Working with us since: 2015

Viticultural standards: organic (non- certified)


Our pick of the best wine from this producer: Extra Dry Prosecco

Interesting fact: Born from a bet between an Olympic athlete and his cousin, the unlikely duo tames the unique topography to yield wines that shatter the norm for the region and showcase distinctive leanness and minerality.

Molmenti & Celot Wines

How Richard found them:
M&C were introduced to me by an Italian friend that was pestering me to import them. It turned out they already had an Italian following in the UK due to Daniele’s gold-medal fame and their wines were fantastic expressions of the local Friuli area. Extra-dry or ‘skinny’ Prosecco was also a consumer trend, so they fitted perfectly for Italian wines people wanted.

With the cousins in business together, they agreed to steer away from the flooded market of sweet and sickly flavours that dominated the region’s offering. Attempting to differ from the commercial wines, they have developed a fresh, extremely light and extra dry style. This is made possible by the very specific location of their vineyards, on a hilly corner of Friuli, at relatively high altitude, with cold morning winds, large pebbled soils with mineral deposits accumulated over centuries of flooding from the Meduna, Cellina, and Tagliamento rivers, and favourable climate moderated by the nearby Adriatic Sea.

The minerality of the terroir together with the sharp day-night temperature amplitude shape the ideal setting to make structured, lean wines that aptly capture the founders winning spirit and drive to succeed. While Molmenti & Celot’s wines are not organically certified, organic farming is practiced with minimal intervention wherever possible.