Wine Pairing Tips For Your Easter Feast

As the joyful spring brings brighter days and sun-filled moments, Easter is also just around the corner! Whether you are planning the feast with a succulent lamb roast, a savoury ham, or a delightful array of vegetarian delights, here are the top tips for picking the perfect wines to complement your Easter feasts!

Chardonnay-Based Fizz

Starting the long weekend with a delicious sparkling wine is always a good idea. Look for a Chardonnay-based Cremant or sparkling, they tend to be fruit-driven, vibrant and approachable with no fuss. These wines usually offer a more prominent palate of citrus, apple or pear notes, with a round texture. They are perfect to kick-start the weekend and pair well with fish dishes.

Best to kick-start Easter lunch: Jean-Luc Mouillard Jura Cremant
Best to enjoy it casually over the weekend: Gassac Folie Pet Nat

Jean-Luc Mouillard Jura Cremant

 Jean-Luc Mouillard Jura Cremant – £22.50 per bottle | £129 for a case of 6

Branching out to Grenache Blanc or Macabeo

If you are planning to serve fish pie, roast chicken, or ham for your Easter feast, consider pairing them with wines made with Grenache Blanc or Macabeo (aka Viura). These wines typically have medium acidity and offer aromas of apple and stone fruit, with a smooth and fine texture. Unlike Sauvignon Blanc or other cooler white wines, they are less racy, and more silky on the palate, great for those who are branching out from your usual fish course Sancerre or white Burgundy.

Best with fish dishes: Chateau de Jau Dandy Blanc
Not your usual Rioja white: Panoramico White Rioja

Chateau de Jau Dandy Blanc

Chateau de Jau Dandy Blanc – £14.50 per bottle | £83 for a case of 6

Grenache or Syrah with lamb?

If you are searching for the perfect wine to pair with your Easter Sunday leg of lamb, look no further. Grenache is a deliciously juicy and heartwarming option. Its full-bodied and sweet flavour comes from its high levels of alcohol, which provide plump, red fruits, black cherry, baking spice flavours, and a hint of white pepper, developing into preserved fruit flavours in hotter regions. Grenache’s juiciness, richness, and touch of spiciness will complement the succulent lamb perfectly.

If you’re not a fan of Grenache, consider Syrah. Syrah is often more mouth-filling, with blackcurrant and blackberry notes, and its dried herbs and greenness in the backbone will go well with the herb-crusted lamb rack.

Ultimate top wine from Santa Barbara: Railsback Freres Grenache
A fun and juicy one from South Africa: Remhoogte ‘Free to Be’ Carbonic Syrah

Railsback Freres Grenache

Railsback Freres Grenache – £31 per bottle | £180 for a case of 6

Don’t forget about Rose!

Rose wine made with Grenache typically features red berry flavours, juiciness, and fresh mouthwatering acidity. This wine varietal offers depth in flavour and is fruit-driven, making it an excellent thirst-quenching option throughout a meal. It pairs well with roasted ham or salmon and should not be reserved only for summertime.

Rose made by a champagne producer: Chateau Des Sarrins Rose Grand Cuvée

Chateau Des Sarrins Rose Grand Cuvée

Sweet conclusion

As we embrace the joyful spirit of spring and prepare for Easter celebrations, let’s not forget the sweet conclusion to our feasts: dessert! Picture this—slicing into a decadent Simnel cake or digging into a rich chocolate pudding…delish!

For those craving depth and richness, Port will be the no-brainer. With its velvety texture and intense sweetness, it is the ideal companion to the dense texture and flavour. Its high acidity balances the sweetness of the pudding, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that lingers on the palate with each delightful bite.

Alternatively, opt for a dessert wine with similar characteristics to the Simnel cake. You want to find something that is the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, enhancing the nuances of the cake without overwhelming its delicate flavours. 

Perfect for a sip: Niepoort Tawny NV Half Bottle
A definite competitor to Sauternes: Chateau de Suronde Quarts de Chaume

Chateau de Suronde Quarts de Chaume (50cl)

Here you go! Our wine pairing tips for Easter, whether you are celebrating or just planning to enjoy the long weekend, find a wine you want to branch out and enjoy this early Spring weekend!

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This Blog post is written by Sharon Wong
Consumer Sales and Marketing Manager of Wanderlust Wine 

Sharon is the the driving force behind our website, wine club, marketing activities, and Wanderlust Wine events. 

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