Sept Merweh


Sept produces wines that express the rich diversity and exceptional character of the Lebanese soil. A wine that offers the authentic taste of Lebanon, using indigenous yeast, and free from any additives. With a fervent mission to reconnect with nature and to celebrate Lebanese grapes and soil. Sept aims to become an ambassador of Lebanon’s heritage and an inspiring model of biodynamic agriculture in the region and the world.

Mreweh comes from a pre-phylloxera, century-old grapevine parcel nestled in the heart of a pine forest, a grape variety almost extinct. Producing aromas of tamarind, rose, and quince. The palate has a mouthwatering acidity and round body. The long finish is distinct with its pure minerality and earthy aftertaste. A truly unique expression of Lebanon’s lost wine culture!



Grape(s): Merweh
ABV: 12.5%

Current vintage: 2021

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Organic Certified, Vegan Friendly


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