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Wine pairing for your
Tom Aikens & Family Easter Feast

Wanderlust are proud to be working with new food platform StarChefs, curating wine-pairing line ups, to match with your StarChefs menu.
The range of interesting bottles below are all made by small, organically focused producers. You can read all about their stories in our winemakers page. 

With Easter just around the corner, the countdown has begun for the much anticipated Easter Feast created by Michelin-starred Tom Aikens.
We’ve created two suggested pairing line-ups based on either a more classical or explorative approach to the textures and flavours.
We might even tempt you to try both?!

Sparkling entrance

because there’s nothing like a good glass of fizz to open festivities

Along with Tom Aikens love of English produce, try our award-winning selection of English sparkling wines:

Soft Scrambled Egg

herb sabayon and maple syrup

— —

Asparagus and Edible Flower Salad

asparagus spears and shavings, lemon emulsion, soft boiled quail eggs, pea-shoots, nasturtiums, edible flowers and crumbled wissington cheese

— —

The first two dishes in this Easter Feast are all about subtlety of textures and complex combinations of complementary sweet, salty & umami flavours.

You’ll therefore need a wine that matches the textural complexity and brings all the flavours to life without obscuring them.
White wines with a touch of skin contact are your perfect companions.
But a modern, fruit-driven Rioja will give you an interesting option as well!

Classical pairing wines

Discovery pairing wines

Roast Leg of Lamb

with roasted garlic, thyme and honey

The meat used by the Aikens team is sustainably sourced, with full sense of provenance, from Lake District farmers that allow their animals to graze freely and live a happy life.
It’s a very similar approach to the one we take when sourcing our wines: working with small, passionate wine producers that have a deep connection with their land and vines.
The quality of this meat, and the luscious flavours of the accompanying side dishes, deserve wines that have a refined structure and a refreshing drive.
You’ll be looking for elegant reds with fine-grained tannins and lively acidity.

Chocolate Egg to Share

white chocolate mousse, poached rhubarb and meringue

Never easy to find a pairing for chocolate-based dishes that is fair to both the food and the wine.

The secret is finding nectars with that rare, perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.  Such as these Greek, French and Hungarian prime examples!

Classical pairing wines

Discovery pairing wines

Or… Create Your Own Case

Click here to see our complete range of wines and create your own selection or add some other great bottles to the suggestions above.

Here are some of our favourite and most food-friendly bottles:

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