Kalogris Dialogues Rosé


What came first, the chicken or the egg? The dilemma of existence is what this cute label addresses. Kalogris was the first organic producer in the Peloponesse, producing a superb rosé wine from the pinky coloured grape Moscofilero. You couldn’t be further off the beaten track vs Provence rose, but wow is this wine 1000 times more interesting. Rosé as the Ancient Greeks used to drink!

Just like their wines wine, the nose is slightly oxidised which blows off after a big swish in the glass. The wine has a superb orange zest, waxy feel to it, almost like tripe-sec on the nose. The palate is super-dry with a fantastic backbone of lively acidity runs through the wine to again, just like its sister white wine, a saline refreshing finish.

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Grape(s): Moschofilero
ABV: 11.5%

Current vintage: 2017

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Organic Certified, Vegan Friendly


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