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Au Bon Climat
Santa Barbara, California, USA

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Au Bon Climat

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Purity, Balance and a great ‘Mind Behind’

Jim Clendenen graduated with High Honours in Pre-Law but his great mind was destined to other things. One month in Champagne and Burgundy changed his life forever and marked the beginning of what would become one of California’s most renowned wineries.

Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA


Interesting fact: If Au Bon Climat is Cleneden’s ongoing tribute to the wines and grapes of Burgundy, he has also developed a love for other varieties through a separate project, Clendenen Family Vineyards. This allows him to make hand-crafted limited releases of distinctive wines from a wider spectrum of varieties. Clenenden has received particularly high acclaim for his work with Italian varietals, namely his barrel-aged Nebbiolo.

Au Bon Climat Wines

Jim Clenenden had not been formally presented to wine before a trip to France opened his eyes and changed his life forever. After graduating in Pre-Law with High Honours he decided to dedicate his life to wine instead of legal matters.

In 1978 his path was diverted from Law school to Zaca Mesa Winery, where he worked three years as assistant winemaker for what would be a foundational training period. In 1981 he embarked on a dramatic experience to broaden his horizons: three harvests in the same season, in Australia and France!

The following year he started Au Bon Climat, a winery dedicated to Burgundian varietals operating in leased quarters, with partner Adam Tolmach. Tolmach left in 1990 leaving Clenenden fully in charge of the budding project. Au Bon Climat has since developed into a world-renowned name, synonym with Burgundian precision topped with Californian energy.

This is much due to Clenenden’s charisma – as a winemaker as well as a communicator – and his ability to capture the best of each variety, vineyard and vintage in each bottle.

His Chardonnay and Pinot Noir expressions are benchmarks, many of his Californian counterparts look up to. His knowledge of terroir and clone specificity can only be matched by his equally sharp sense of humour – his official title in the company being the ‘Mind Behind’.

Au Bon Climat sources grapes from iconic plots across the Central Coast, primarily in Santa Barbara County. Among them are Clendenen’s own Le Bon Climat Vineyard, estate plantings at the legendary Bien Nacido Vineyard (both in Santa Maria Valley), Sanford & Benedict Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills, Los Alamos Vineyard (Santa Barbara County), and San Luis Obispo County’s Talley Vineyard.

The main qualifiers of all Au Bon Climat wines are character and balance. This is also what makes them age so beautifully, letting their elegant restraint blossom over the years.