StarChefs are a new platform providing unique dining experiences nationwide by a diverse selection of award-winning chefs.
On top of supporting the hospitality industry, they also support Royal Academy of Culinary Arts charity, Adopt a School, which sends professional chefs into primary schools across the country to provide education on food, health and cooking.

Wine pairing for your StarChefs x Robin Gill
St Patrick’s Day Feast

Wanderlust are proud to be working with new food platform StarChefs, curating wine-pairing line ups, to match with your StarChefs menu.
The range of interesting bottles below are all made by small, organically focused producers. You can read all about their stories in our winemakers page

Sparkling Starters

Because a great meal always starts with great bubbles!
Set the right mood with our top-selling sparkling wines:

London-cured Smoked Salmon,
Robin’s soda bread and wild Atlantic seaweed butter

The best pairing for Smoked Salmon is the extravagance of a sparkling Blanc de Blancs, and Langham are producing one of the best award-winning examples of the style!
Alternatively, an aromatic and mineral Riesling will lift the Salmon saltiness.
Want to try something a bit richer? A delicious Burgundian Chardonnay will also pay reverence to this tasty dish.

Beef and bone marrow pie with croissant pastry

A juicy and seductive red is your best call.
We are showing our support for three countries that have been recently affected by diverse tragedies with this selection that will perfectly complement Robin’s pie.
Lebanon, still recovering from the huge explosion in Beirut; South Africa, dealing with the dramatic repercussions of Covid and of a ban on alcohol sales and exports;  Australia, deeply affected by wild fires – make it a meaningful pour by buying one of the bottles below:

Pump street chocolate mousse, sea salt and whiskey caramel

Pairing chocolate with wine is no easy task, wine professionals will tell you!

This ravishing wine from Crete is made from grapes dried in the sun to achieve an intensely concentrated sweet juice. But it retains an amazing freshness due to its acidity and will cut through the intensity of the chocolate.
A perfect pairing indeed!

Or… Create Your Own Case

Click here to see our complete range of wines and create your own selection or add some other great bottles to the selections above.

Here are some of our favourite and most food-friendly suggestions:

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