Square Mile Escape Artist, 2018

We were featured in Square Mile magazine’s February edition. Richard told his story of finding wine as a career and finding a way out of banking in their ‘Escape Artist’ feature.

The full story we had to tell can be found in our About Us section. Square Mile’s condensed interview summed up the journey into finding small producers to import to wine lovers in the UK:

“Returning from a stint in New York, I knew the foreseeable future as a Commercial Banker in London was going to be difficult with a restructure that had been announced. I started to think how I could entertain myself and that’s when I stumbled across wine school.

I started studying along the Masters of Wine qualifications and surfaced a few months later with a distinction, and that’s when I started to consider whether I could turn this passion into a profession. I came up with the idea of importing and selling artisanal small vineyards that I had visited on my travels. Why couldn’t I buy the wine from these producers I had visited in Slovenia, Hungary, Sonoma and California? 

My mission was to make wine accessible and connect the producers to the people of London and beyond. Travelling has always been an escape so Wanderlust Wine seemed a fitting name for my venture.

Now people can order wine next day delivery, or for Londoners, in under an hour.  Our collection of producers has expanded as demand for wine in London and the UK continues to grow year on year, and customers can meet the people who make the wine at our quarterly tasting events.”

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