Pointelle Pinot gets voted the UK’s best Oregon Pinot Noir

Best Oregon Pinot Noir you can buy? Look no further. The Independent rated the 14 best Pinot Noirs from arguably, the best USA region for the delicate red grape. This was a tough competition – many wines were rated – quality vs price. John Clarke, wine journalist rated all and our Pointelle Pinot from the Willamette Valley in Oregon came out on top as number one! In his words:

“Pointelle was a medieval engraving technique that blended multiple layers of precious metals into a multi-faceted design. This winemaker hopes to do the same by providing layers of excellence and texture in a pinot noir that has elegance and finesse. Aged for 10 months in French oak, it has enduring soft and summer fruit flavours with the mineral edge that the Oregon terroir provides.

The Verdict: Although established in the US as a premier wine, Oregon pinot noir is now beginning to find favour in the UK. Prices are still high but they could become lower once it becomes better known. We’d plump for the outstanding Pointelle Willamette Valley as [UK’s] best buy.”

Read the full article here. Get it while stocks last.

Pointelle Oregon Pinot Noir
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