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Spell Estate
Sonoma, California, USA

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Spell Estate

Sonoma, California, USA

A touch of winemaking magic for exceptional Pinot Noir

In 2006, Bill and Tiki Spell, originally from Minnesota, founded Spell Estate. They produced their first vintage the following year. Enthusiastic collectors of fine wine from all over the world, they’ve long been particularly passionate about Pinot Noir. The challenge and reward of producing a fine Pinot motivated them to start their own winemaking project. Their commitment, along with winemaker Andrew Berge’s talent, made their dream come true.

Location: Sonoma, California, USA

Working with us since: 2015


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Interesting fact: It’s not by chance that Pinot Noir is one of the grapes that most fascinates wine lovers and experts. It is notably difficult to grow and challenging to work with in the winery. But, above all, it is particularly expressive of terroir, showcasing fascinating geographic and vintage variations.

Spell Estate Wines

How we found them/How Richard found them:

Spell were one of the first producers I signed to our portfolio. Small batch, hand-crafted and artisanal in nature, they ticked all the boxes.

With a love for Pinot Noir and, in particular, for California’s aromatic and fruit forward examples, the Spells set out West and found Spell Estate. When the time came to hire a winemaker they were lucky enough to bring Andrew Berge on board. German-born Andrew is a farmer at heart and passionate, above all, about nurturing and bringing the best possible fruit to the winery. Pinot Noir renowned finicky character could not have been placed in better hands. The variety is notably difficult to grow and even more difficult to transform into extraordinary wine. At Spell, Andrew turned this challenge into art.

Spell Estate sources fruit from four different vineyards and growers with whom they have established close relationships. All their wines are vineyard specific and vinified in the same way so as to best show each site’s character. Careful to capture the unique nuances of their vineyards, from the soil type to the influence of altitude and coastal proximity,  Spell’s team focuses on the vineyards and fruit as the main vehicles for the ideal end-product.

Spell wines are produced in limited quantities and yet deliver extremely high-quality Sonoman wines at a great price. Without compromising the integrity of the variety, they are finely crafted expressions of Pinot Noir that will have you spellbound at every sip.