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Roger Barnier
Champagne, France

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Roger Barnier

Champagne, France

Exquisite Champagnes from Centennial Vineyards

The Barnier family had long established itself as a renowned grape grower in Champagne when Roger Barnier, 5th generation at the helm of the family business, decided to start producing his own cuvées and establish himself as a true Récoltant Manipulant. The Maison Champagne Roger Barnier was thus born, crafting a range of wines from their 8 hectares of vineyards spread across 35 parcels in the landscape champenoise. Some of the oldest plants are over 100 years old. (The ages of vines are listed on the back of each label.)

Location: Villevenard, Champagne, France

Working with us since: 2017

Total area under vine: 8 hectares


Our pick of the best wine from this producer: 100% Meunier

Interesting fact: The 100% Meunier Extra-Brut is made exclusively with fruit from the oldest Meunier vines owned by Roger Barbier, planted back in 1910.

Roger Barnier Wines

How we found them/How Richard found them:
We actually met Monsieur Barnier at a wine fair where we were also pouring our wines. We started talking and the history of his estate fascinated us. Once we’d tried his top cuvée from vines dating back to pre-WWI, I was convinced that I absolutely needed to bring in this characterful historical Champagne.

Roger Barnier’s cuvées exhibit pronounced refinement in every single sip, in a style that Roger himself developed thinking primarily of wines that should be paired with a meal for an epic gastronomic experience. Designing Champagne that goes hand in hand with food was the driving force behind the creation of the Maison’s trademark texture and elegance.

Roger Barnier’s ethos is still the structure upon which the current range is built. The house, now led by 7th generation Frédéric Berthelot, Roger’s grandson, has built a firm reputation for their careful work in the vineyards and their deep understanding of each of the Champagne varietals. They are particularly known for their expertise in Meunier and their flagship cuvée is indeed a single varietal extra brut hailing from a Meunier vineyard planted in 1910.


As one of the most iconic sustainability-led grower Champagnes, Roger Barnier has set the standard for wines that express the nature of their historical terroirs, the full character of each variety (enhanced by working primarily with old , deep-rooted plants) and the gastronomic potential that, according to Roger, all wines should have.