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Vipava, Slovenia

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Urban Petrič

Vipava, Slovenia

Very naturally Slovenian

Nestled in the Vipava Valley, the very special district within the renowned Primorska region, Urban Petrič has taken the helm of his family winery and, building on tradition, is reviving the potential of the local terroir and grapes. His passion for winemaking comes through in each of his bottles.

Location: Slap, Vipava, Slovenia

Working with us since: 2021

Total area under vine: 8 hectares

Viticultural standards: Organic (non-certified)


Interesting fact: Vipava is a district within Primorska, the region that has in recent years become a natural and orange wine production hotspot. But Vipava clearly differentiates itself through its particular indigenous grapes – the crisp and light Zelen and the fleshier Pinela – both of which Urban Petrič has become a specialist of.

Petrič Wines

Urban is the eight generation of the Petrič family producing wine in the Vipava valley. The family’s winemaking tradition dates back to 1778 and has been passionately passed on through the generations and now rest on Urban’s hand, who has taken a step to focus on sustainability.

The Petrič vineyards now cover 8 hectares across different plots around the village of Slap, on Vipava’s southern slopes. These slopes have long been documented as prime winemaking terroirs as a result of the soils’ mineral diversity, rich in limestone, marl, sandstone and clay. But another key factor is the microclimate, of overlapping Mediterranean and Continental influence, very much determined by the flow of the Burja, a powerful north-eastern wind that can exceed 200 km/h. It flows in full strength during the winter, and blows softly in the summer, helping to dry the morning dews. This allows for a natural control of disease pressure, for the ripening of healthy grapes and, ultimately, the production of wines with minimal intervention.

Urban has brought a new perspective to the legacy of his ancestors and a true appreciation for the local potential for organic viticulture and minimal-intervention winemaking. While previous generations looked for recognition in export markets by planting international varieties, he is placing a new emphasis on the local grapes (namely Zelen and Pinela) in a true quest to revive the true identity of the Vipava wines.