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Lala Lá
Mendoza, Argentina

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Lala Lá

Mendoza, Argentina

Argentinian wines that will make you sing

Making wines in Mendoza that don’t follow the accepted stereotype of punchy, woody and over-extracted pours is certainly not an easy venture. But that is precisely what Laura Ciacera wants to achieve with LaLa Lá, a personal project built around the belief that wine can and should be enjoyed every day, with enjoyment and pleasure, and as a way to connect with oneself, others and nature.

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Working with us since: 2019

Viticultural standards: Certified Organic

Interesting fact: Leo Borsi, LaLa Lá’s oenologist and winemaker, defines himself as an explorer of terroirs with soul and as a wine ‘alchemist’. His has a particular interest in Malbec and has done extensive research on how from the terroirs of Cahors, the variety’s European birthplace, and Mendoza, the region that made it iconic worldwide, result in different expressions of the grape.

Lala Lá Wines

After 15 years running the marketing and commercial activity of her family winery in San Juan, Laura Ciacera (‘Lala’ as her friends call her) decided to start a wine venture of her own, one that could be built around sustainability principles and low intervention practices. After years of travels around the world promoting classical Argentinian pours, she realised there was space for wines that would express the terroir of Mendoza with a greater sense of playfulness, drinkability and everyday pleasure. Laura wanted wines that would sing in the bottle. And make you sing as well – of fun instead of inebriation! Hence the project’s name, a musical LaLa Lá!

Laura gathered a dream team to bring the project to life: Leo Borsi, oenologist and winemaker; María Mendizábal, sommelier; Guillo Milia, creative director and brand consultant. Each contributes expert knowhow to the freshness and distinctiveness of LaLa Lá, from the work in the vineyard, to the easily recognisable label artwork.

Leo Borsi, who consults for terroir-driven projects in Argentina, France and Spain, built his reputation in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and defines himself as an “explorer of terroirs with soul”. Leo and Laura travelled extensively throughout France, where he introduced her to organic winemaking and showed her how the work in the vineyard determined the quality and character of the wine. Together they hunted the best vineyards in Los Chacayes, Valle de Uco, Rama Caída and San Rafael, from which the organic grapes are sourced to make LaLa Lá’s wines. In the cellar Leo works with minimum intervention, spontaneous fermentation and only a small amount of sulphur added before bottling.

The LaLa Lá range currently includes an elegant Malbec, spicy and gentle, rounded by 6 months in French barriques. A rose Pinot Noir is in the works and will be released next year.