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La Pitchoune
Sonoma, California, USA

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La Pitchoune

Sonoma, California, USA

The mighty wines produced by the ”little one”

The name and ethos of La Pitchoune (meaning “the little one) was inspired by a small family property in the South of France. The project is all about harnessing the potential of being small so as to excel in quality and creativity. Founded by a dynamic team with different backgrounds but the same passion for wine, La Pitchoune produces small quantities from small lots, each one of them blended to express the full potential of grapes, vintage and terroir.

Location: Sonoma, California, USA

Working with us since: 2019


Interesting fact: George (full name: King George of Green Valley), winery dog, is a key name and figure at La Pitchoune. It could be said that he is in fact the real boss. Born on July 21st, 2014 in West Sonoma County, George was destined to roam the vineyards and cool barrel rooms of La Pitchoune. At only 3 months old, George started his own Instagram account. You can follow him and his adventures at

La Pitchoune Wines

La Pitchoune is the brainchild of Andrew Berge (Master Winemaker & Partner), Tracy Nielsen (Co-Founder & Assistant Winemaker), Peter Joachim Nielsen (Co-Founder & Chief Strategist) and Brett Van Emst (Chief Marketing Officer & Partner). Together they form a colourful and dynamic team, committed to making small lots of expressive, well-crafted wines.

Both Tracy, Peter & Brett’s creative entrepreneurship and Andrew’s winemaking mastery have been instrumental to La Pitchoune’s success. German-born Andrew has indeed brought with him an amazing skill-set: with a Masters degree in Agriculture he is much more than a winemaker. His deep understanding of geology, climate and vegetative cycles allows him to have full control over the fruit’s quality long before it arrives at the winery. Balance and terroir are his guiding principles and each bottle produced at La Pitchoune is testament to that.

La Pitchoune sources grapes from six of the best and most forward-thinking vineyards in Sonoma County. Only the best fruit is selected and included in their winemaking program, with the ultimate goal of only producing wines with ageing potential. Having initially started with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay they eventually added a – delicious – Chenin Blanc to their (also small) range. All their wines are perfect examples of what a terroir-driven Californian wine can and must be.