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Dagon Clan
Dealul Mare, Romania

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Dagon Estate

Dealul Mare, Romania

Changing the way the world thinks about Romanian wines

Headed by the hand and palate of critically-acclaimed Australian oenologist Mark Haisma, the new experimental project Dagon started as a true ‘clan’ of three winemakers determined to change the common perception of Romanian wines. The carefully crafted range produced by Dagon Clan in limited quantities has foiled the stigma of Romanian wine through blind taste tests, amazing consumers and experts alike.

Location: Dealul Mare, Romania


Our pick of the best wine from this producer: Dagon Clar ‘JAR’

Interesting fact: All of the tools in Dagon Clan’s vineyard are custom-made by Mark, a testament to his passion and precision as a winemaker. It is no wonder than Dagon Clan is solely responsible for putting Romanian wine on the map!

Dagon Clan Wines

Dagon Clan works in the renowned region of Dealul Mare, first documented as a wine-growing location back in the 14th century. The local Urlati and Ceptura areas have been acknowledged for over 600 years for the richness of resources that lead to favourable ripening of indigenous grapes that have a purely Romanian heritage.

Determined to bring out and express the region’s full potential to produce quality wines, Dagon Clan has developed two parallel projects: a line of négociant wines made using grapes purchased from local producers with whom they work closely throughout the year; a line of Estate wines made using grapes grown in the Dagon vineyard in Valea Nucetului.

The strict use of selected grapes from old vines that haven’t seen chemicals along with Mark’s relentless precision in the winery define Dagon Clan’s signature: pure, intense wines that allow the best fruit to express itself. The team is a firm evangelist of the local Feteasca Albă (white) and Feteasca Neagră (red), and their work has made these varieties part of the international critics’ vocabulary. With an extremely small yearly production of only a few hundred bottles of each wine per vintage, Dagon Clan is quickly becoming a highly-revered producer with a cult-like following.