What Wanderlust team is drinking this New Year’s Eve?

Some believe how you spend New Year’s Eve can indicate how your year will go. The drink you choose to raise in a toast at midnight might have a lasting impact. Champagne has a long history of being used for celebrations and was considered a symbol of wealth. As time passed, it became associated with joyful events and is now the go-to wine for holidays, weddings, and birthdays. The bubbles and the “Pop” always bring excitement to the party.

Despite this legacy, some of our team members choose their personal favourites for New Year’s Eve over Champagne!

Jake Osborne, National Trade Sales

Jake followed his tradition when choosing the wine.

“It’s a tradition to share a seafood feast with friends on New Year’s Eve and it’s got to be one of my favourite wines this year – Jean-Luc Mouillard Chardonnay.”

The fresh citrus and crunchy green apple note, along with the refreshing acidity bring out the minerality in the long finish. This un-oaked Chardonnay is a very unique style from the Jura!

Tatti Sukamongkol, Consumer & On Trade Account Manager

Tatti prefers a wine that speaks comfort and refinement, especially after the eventful holiday season.

“I’ll go with Ridge Lytton Springs 2019, a rich and refined wine that perfectly complements my ultimate comfort food for the evening, steak and fries.”

Ridge is a renowned producer that creates some of the most terroir-driven wines in all of Sonoma County, perfectly balancing power, and elegance in their single vineyard expressions. 

Richard Ellison, Founder & Managing Director

While the team opted for wines other than Champagne, Richard will pop a bottle of Bruno Paillard Cuvée 72 Champagne on New Year’s Day, for his Champagne breakfast with smoked salmon.

“This Champagne undergoes ageing before being disgorged, giving it a complexity similar to that of vintage Champagne, which is twice its price!”

Emily Klomp, Northern Trade Sales

Emily also has the same plan for a Champagne breakfast.

“I always make eggs royale for breakfast for my family in the morning. My dad goes fishing in The Spey once a year and gets them smoked. For this, nothing is better than Bruno Paillard Cuvee 72. Toasted bread, eggy buttery sauce and smoky mineral salmon would create a symphony with that wine.”

Set aside the Champagne, Emily also bases her choice on the family tradition. Growing up in the Netherlands, her family always cooked Dutch Indonesian for the New Year dinner, and this tradition continues.

“The cooking and use of Indonesian flavours is still ubiquitous in Dutch. We cook a big wok of Nasi Goreng, Satay Chicken, spicy tofu and lots of sambal. Last year, we got through 3 bottles of the Pratsch Natural Gruner Veltliner. It was textured, tannic and spicy enough to cope with the heat and saltiness of the food while still being bold and demonstrating its aromatic elegance.”

Sharon Wong, Consumer Sales & Marketing Manager

While the team’s plan sounds eventful, I always like to keep my New Year’s Eve quiet and peaceful after the festive madness. To enjoy the evening, I will pour myself a glass of Vin Jaune to pair with some 24 or 36-month-old Comte cheese. This combination is so rich and complex that will pace me to slowly sip through the night.

“It’s not simply about the taste but a wine that is so meditative. Who doesn’t want to be in control of the start of the new year? I do.” 

Ben Mudditt, Southwest Trade Sales

While Ben is always passionate and precise about his wines, he has a different preference for his New Year’s drink.

“I’m normally a bit done with wine at New Year’s Eve and tend to alternate between a rum punch and a beer. I will be in full holiday mode and probably ready to take a New Year’s Day swim on the Cornwall beach to freshen up for the new year!”

Mario Gomes, our Operation Guru

Mario, our operations guru from Portugal, had his New Year’s Eve all planned out.

“I’ll start with a nice beer from Portugal, and then move on to single malt whiskey,”

It has been a tough year for many of us, with extreme weather during the summer, political and economic uncertainty. We all deserve to celebrate a bit. Whether you’re planning to stay in or head out to a fabulous party, our team has already had some ideas for their New Year’s celebration. What are your plans?

This Blog post is written by Sharon Wong
Consumer Sales and Marketing Manager of Wanderlust Wine 

Sharon is the the driving force behind our website, wine club, marketing activities, and Wanderlust Wine events. 

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