Marlborough, New Zealand

Wanderlust’s own organic baby

When Richard spent a month in in New Zealand in 2016, he met a grape grower he fell in love with. Alan is a manure man: the manure recipe he developed over the last 20 years is at the basis of his organic practices, allowing him to keep a super-healthy vineyard without chemical spraying and to harvest outstanding quality fruit. Alan and Richard shook hands there and then. Together with a young dynamic winemaker they’ve crafted the small batch Sauvignon Blanc ‘HiaHia’, the Maori word for lust and desire. ‘HiaHia’ is a floral, delicate and light pour, with flavours of elderflower, crisp apple, pear, eucalyptus and gooseberry.

Wanderlust’s Wine

‘hiahia’ New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
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‘hiahia’ New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – Wine on Demand (1-hour delivery)
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