Sojourn Cellars

Sonoma & Napa, California, USA

An ongoing tribute to classical terroir-driven wine

What happens when two tennis buddies with a shared passion for wine join forces to produce small bottlings of Cabernet from the best vineyard sites in Sonoma and Napa? Sojourn Cellars does. What started as a small, unambitious production of 100 cases sold directly to friends and family is now a first-class boutique winery known worldwide and with a portfolio of 21 different high-quality Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals.

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While playing tennis together it became clear to Craig Haserot and Erich Bradley that they needed to make their fundamental and shared passion – wine, of course – the epicentre of their lives. Sojourn Cellars was thus born in 2001, built upon Craig’s business acumen and Erich’s experience as Assistant Winemaker at Arrowood Winery. The plan was to produce small releases of premium Cabernet Sauvignon from premium plots. However, their first production of one hundred cases, mostly selling directly to friends and family, gained an unexpected and unanimous critical acclaim.

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The expert recognition steadily grew over the following ten years, consolidating the partners’ ambitions and helping them build the small dedicated team that now runs Sojourn Cellars. The project’s secret is indeed this core group of passionate people alongside a network of the highly selected partner-growers that tend to the extraordinary Sonoma and Napa vineyards that supply the fruit to Sojourn’s portfolio. Minimal intervention in the cellar allows each unique terroir to reveal its full expression in intense and complex wines with phenomenal texture, mouthfeel and balance. The whole range now comprises twenty one single varietal Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon, each expressing the specificity of the parent terroir and sold on allocation to a faithful mailing list and a select group of restaurants, retailers and distribution partners (of which Wanderlust Wine is proud to be one).

Sojourn’s main motto is to offer a sense of time and place in bottle, through a classic type of wine that can appeal to new and old world palates alike. Hospitality has also become an essential part of their venture, with a strong tasting offering running throughout the year. After all, “Life is but a sojourn. Make the best of it.” — Plato

Location: Sonoma & Napa, California, USA

Working with us since: 2019

Website: www.sojourncellars.com

Interesting fact: Soujourn Cellars were named after Plato’s aphorism “Life is but a sojourn. Make the best of it.” This is a tribute both to a sense of mindful enjoyment of the best things in life and to classical culture, a fundamental inspiration of Sojourn Cellar’s ethos and style.

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