The Mount Vineyard, Kent

We have know our friends Lissa and Simon for 10 years – they have brought The Mount Vineyard into the 21st century with the correct balance of French and English grape varietals with a new winemaker helping to some off how good English wine can be! This is an award winning vineyard really challenging some of the better known names. Shoreham where they are situated is a hilly microclimate keeping the warmth of the south facing long afternoon sun with cold mists to bring acidity and phenols into the grapes. Their sparkling Brut is the flagship tipple really getting good press as an alternative to challenge the French.

Our wines

The Mount Vineyard Cellar Key NV
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The Mount Vineyard Flint Key
£15.85 Select options
The Mount Vineyard Rose Key
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The Mount Vineyard Sparkling Brut Rose 2012
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