Molmenti & Celot – Friuli, Italy

Gold medal Olympian, Daniele Molmenti kick-started his dream of “making Prosecco the old way” – a tradition in a style that North East Italy (Friuli) has always known and loved about Prosecco.

Daniele Molmenti

This story started after he won gold for Italy’s canoeing team in 2012. The two cousins who started M&C had the vision to reinvent what is history and tradition in Friuli, away from the sweet and sickly, cheap mass made wine which has flooded the market. This is fresh, extremely light and extra dry. Friuli’s extremely hilly topography make conditions ideal for grape growing with high altitude, cold morning winds, large pebbled soils and nearby sea.

Sustainability scope: Not organically certified but organic farming is practised. Minimal intervention where possible.

Molmenti & Celot wines

Molmenti & Celot Cabernet Franc
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Molmenti & Celot Extra Dry Prosecco
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Molmenti & Celot Friulano
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Molmenti & Celot Refosco
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