Jeremy Recchione, Burgundy, France

Jeremy is a new generation of modern and extremely talented winemakers. His ‘style’ of wine is tradition whilst using modern techniques, combined.

His adventure started in 2010, with Sylvain Cholet, winemaker in Meursault, where we was taught experienced organic winemaking methods and the importance of Frence’s most important thing in Burgundy: respecting the terroir. In 2012, when he moved close to the remarkable village of Gevrey Chambertin he learnt the trade as cellar master at Domain Pierre Naigeon. This great winemaker passed on his knowledge and his passion for the beautiful and difficult grape, Pinot Noir, and to really understand the concept of terroir in Burgundy.

2013 was the first year of grapes under his own name in a few plots spread around Burgundy with the aim and passion to transform and magnify pressed grapes into great Burgundy. As an artisan winemaker, the grapes come from pockets of vineyards Jeremy knows, working with the grapes according to their terroirs and surroundings.After working for a stint in Australia he also honed skills in the grapes of Syrah, Viognier and Grenache, enabling him in 2015, to add several varieties from the Rhone Valley. “I was able to find vineyards that met my expectations in terms of terroir and quality, a white Viognier and a red made up of Syrah and Grenache”.

These wines are created in a Burgundian method: matured in small oak barrels with the use of indigenous yeast and minimal working of the wine. Jeremy’s modern slant on a very old and prestigious geography we found exactly fits our ethos: organically directed, modern whilst respecting the finished product and aim of a typical profile from Burgundy.

These experiences have allowed Jeremy to flourish as a winemaker quickly, now refining his results against the ongoing yearly vintage challenges towards reflecting his vision of Burgundy.

Sustainability scope: all grapes are hand picked and hand sorted to give the purest product possible. Only natural yeasts using during fermentation give his wines that link to their original character. Wines are unfiltered, and unfined with no additions of sugar or acid. Bottling is done in accordance with biodynamic moon cycles where minimal sulphur is only used to prevent oxidation.

Jeremy Recchione wines

Jeremy Recchione Fixin Premier Cru “Les Hervelets”
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Jeremy Recchione Gevrey Chambertin 2014
£43.99 Select options
Jeremy Recchione St Romain 2015
£33.99 Select options
Jeremy Recchione Syrah Grenache blend
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Jeremy Recchione Viognier
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