Fontaine du Clos, Rhone Valley, France

Located in the heart of Provence, this is a 25-year-old vineyard between the peaks of the Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux, the climate really is ideal for growing great grapes.

Altitude, slope, cool winds and with large pebbles (about the size of your hand) making up the soil around the vines – these ideal conditions shine through in their finished product. They actually are specialists in growing vines as well as winemaking, arguably making them experts in ampelography and how you grow a grape to perfect maturity. This is why as well as top wines such as Vacqueyras and Cotes du Rhone Village, they also grow and blend single varietals such as Merlot, Chardonnay and Muscat.

Farming and Winemaking practises: as a vine nursery they are obliged under strict controls to not add too many chemicals so that the mother vine can be prepared to withstand some disease on it’s own when it is grafted and sold. Not organic certified but made with minimal additives, love and care!

Fontaine du Clos Wines

Certitude Blanc
£9.67 Select options
Certitude Rose
£9.67 Select options
Certitude Rouge
£9.42 Select options
Estival Provence Rose
£8.83 Select options
Fontaine du Clos Aura Blanc
£12.83 Select options
Fontaine du Clos Aura Rouge
£11.83 Select options
Fontaine du Clos Cotes du Rhone
£10.92 Select options
Fontaine du Clos Vacqueryas
£14.67 Select options
Fontaine du Clos Vacqueryas Castillion
£19.79 Select options
Fontaine du Clos, Vacqueryas, Pince Lapin
£27.21 Select options
Liberté Blanc
£9.83 Select options
Liberté Provence Rose
£9.83 Select options
Liberté Rouge
£9.83 Select options