Domaine Laougé

Healthy red wine hits the streets of the UK

Sylvain Dabadie took over the estate from his father (and before that, his father’s father) in 2014 and has expanded the vineyard and built a new cellar to provide modern techniques to an old domaine. Sitting on the border of the two Pyrénées mountain ranges, it is the limestone, clay and pebbled soils are what gives the wine the life and character; their vines are well rooted, dating back to over 100 years old.

How Richard found them: reading The Wine Diet and being blown away by their modern version of the traditionally rustic and unexciting Madiran!

Sylvain’s father, Pierre, was part of the movement of winemakers who innovated farming methods and brought modern winemaking techniques to the region in order to revitalise and ennoble the Madiran appellation. Sylvain is focused on preserving biodiversity and raising awareness for respect of the environment. The estate is in transition for certified organic farming as a result.

Domaine Laougué’s wines are rooted in tradition, yet are modern wines with typicity and a real personality. They are regular medal-winners, cited as innovative and gourmet wines.

Sustainability: hand harvesting, minimal machinery, minimal intervention.

Location: Madiran, SW France

Working with us since: 2019

Our pick of the best wine from this producer: Arbison – the tannat grape like you’ve never tasted!

Interesting fact: Laougé were featured in the famous book ‘The Wine Diet’ by Roger Corderer for having wines with the top level of procyanidins – heart healthy compounds.

Domaine Laougué Arbison
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