Dagon Clan, Romania

Romania has been edging itself onto the wine map for many people recently so I felt very lucky to be introduced personally to The Dagon Clan by a contact. As a new brand they had been tending to an ancient plot of hillside which in centuries gone by, acted as a vineyard. 2 years in, their first vintage grapes were picked and made by critically acclaimed wine maker, Mark Haisma.

Artisanal and produced in limited quantities, Mark Haisma’s hand and palate is what has shaped such a great range. Feteasca Alba (white) and Feteasca Negra (Red) are the local grapes, blended in with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Blind taste tests have really fooled people and foiled stigmas around Romanian wine, we expect this name to be very popular. Extremely small yearly production with only a few hundred bottles of each wine per vintage.

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Dagon Clan ‘CLAR’ 2015
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Dagon Clan ‘HAR’ 2017
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Dagon Clan ‘JAR’
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Dagon Clan Sandridge
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