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best oregon pinot noir
Pointelle Pinot gets voted the UK’s best Oregon Pinot Noir
15th April 2018

Best Oregon Pinot Noir you can buy? Look no further. The Independent rated the 14 best Pinot Noirs from arguably, the best... Read More
UKs best wine club
UK’s Best Wine Club
15th April 2018

UK's Best Wine Club Wanderlust Wine Club reviewed as one of the UK's best London on the Inside (LOTI) recently reviewed... Read More
Square Mile Escape Artist, 2018
19th March 2018

We were featured in Square Mile magazine's February edition. Richard told his story of finding wine as a career and finding a... Read More
The Independent Wine Retailer of the Year 2017: Wanderlust Wine
20th January 2018

We were absolutely thrilled to find out just before Christmas our biggest news and milestone yet. The Independent announced that Wanderlust…

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London’s Best Wine Lists c/o Wanderlust
1st December 2017

As published in Urbanologie, Founder of Wanderlust Wine, a new online boutique wine merchant, Richard Ellison shares with U his top…

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Vegan Friendly Wines
29th November 2017

Vegan Friendly Wine Vegan Wines: The New Niche in Winemaking Most people open up a bottle of wine and savour the…

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Is it acceptable to add ice to wine?
18th July 2017

Is it ok to add ice to wine? This controversial topic is plaguing many during this glorious hot summer. So what…

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Sauvignon Blanc release tasting: 25th July
9th July 2017

Party details. Sauvignon Blanc & tunes. ‘hiahia’. That’s the name of our wine. It’s like a small round of applause, showcasing…

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Dagon Clan, Jar: top review from Wildcard Wine Blog
9th July 2017

Wildcard Wine Blog reviews Dagon Clan’s red Pinot Noir blend Jar and has kind things to say: “Feteasca Neagra and…

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