How to select the right wine glass for your home?

Have you ever wondered why your favourite wine tastes a bit different when sipped at home and restaurants? It turns out that the glass you choose to pour your wine into can significantly impact your drinking experience. Whether it is a rich red, a crisp white, a refreshing rose, a bubbly sparkling, or a fortified sweet wine, the choice of glassware can enhance or diminish the aromas and flavours. We are going to share a few tips with you to select the perfect wine glass for sipping at home.

Aromas and the Art of Glass Selection

The size and shape of a wine glass play a crucial role in how aromas interact with your senses. A smaller bowl makes it challenging for the rich bouquet of your wine to escape, while larger bowls facilitate better aeration and an impressive swirl. The science behind it involves the density and position of vapors at the glass openings, influencing aromatic compounds that impact the flavours in your wine.

Our recommendation: This is why we always recommend choosing tulip-shaped glasses, allowing the aromas to be “collected” and released.

white wine glass

Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Glass

You can let the sommeliers decide whether you need a specific glass for each type of wine when dining at restaurants. However, for practical everyday enjoyment, it is essential to invest in glassware that suits your lifestyle. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is enjoying a glass or two of wine part of your daily routine?
  • Do you enjoy washing and polishing your special kitchen tools like knives and glassware by hand?
  • Do you have safe and spacious storage for your wine glasses that is away from curious kids or cats?
  • Do you diligently wash your dishes after meals?

If you answered “Yes,” in most of the questions, congratulations on your commitment! Consider investing in crystal wine glasses to elevate your wine experiences at home. Otherwise, stick with glassware that allows you to enjoy wine without too much hustle. 

Our recommendation: Answer the above questions thoroughly to identify whether to go with crystal or glass. Not so sure yet? Continue to read the next section about crystal glass. 

Crystal vs Glassware: Why are crystal glasses more expensive?

Crystal is more durable but thinner than glass. Their thin rims offer a luxurious touch to your wine-drinking experience.

It has more light-refracting properties. Crystal is more transparent and glossier than glasses, meaning wine colours are better shown in crystal glass.

Traditional lead crystal is delicate but strong, while lead-free crystal, made with magnesium and zinc, adds durability and is dishwasher-friendly. If you are committed to crystal glassware, choose between the two based on your personal preferences and maintenance habits.

Size Matters: Finding the Perfect Fit

A universal glass is your go-to option when most of us probably have limited space for storing glassware. Sized between a standard white wine and a smaller red wine glass, it is versatile enough for all your favourites, including sparkling wines.

However, if you have preferences in wines, consider purchasing specific types of wine glasses. For example, use larger Bordeaux glasses for bold reds or mid-to-long-stemmed glasses with a narrow bowl for aromatic whites and sparklings. The size and shape of the glass can enhance aroma concentration while controlling oxygen exposure.

With stem or without? Wine glass with stem

Stemless glasses may be stylish and practical for everyday use, but they can affect the temperature of your wine, especially for whites. Grasping the bowl instead of a stem raises the wine’s temperature due to the heat from your hand. While stemless options are easy to store and have a relaxed feel, stem glasses offer a more controlled experience.

Our recommendation: To experience the full enjoyment of your wine, especially with fine wines or higher-quality ones, go for the traditional stemmed glass.

Selecting the right wine glass for your home is guided by your preferences, lifestyle, and the types of wines you love. Whether you choose crystal or glass, stem or stemless, the suitable wine glass will impact your overall wine experience.

This Blog post is written by Sharon Wong
Consumer Sales and Marketing Manager of Wanderlust Wine 

Sharon is the the driving force behind our website, wine club, marketing activities, and Wanderlust Wine events. 

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