Wildcard Wine Blog reviews Dagon Clan’s red Pinot Noir blend Jar and has kind things to say:

“Feteasca Neagra and Pinot Noir grapes from an unusally cool and wet vintage were traditionally harvested by hand during the second week of September and fermented separately. Following maturation in Romanian oak barriques (30% new) the wine was blended and lightly filtered to preserve its natural character. 2014 Dagon Clan Jar is bright cherry-red with intense aromas of sour cherries, plums and dark berries. Elegant, with fine tannins and a long aftertaste it can be enjoyed now with a wide array of foods and fine cheeses or cellared for several years. 13.5%

Wildcard Says: This is the third wine I’ve tasted from this artisanal winery and it just goes to show what can be achieved with off-the-beaten-track varieties and the care that can be lavished upon small-run vintages. Only 3550 bottles of this wine were made and I feel fortunate to have tasted one. Initially I thought it reminiscent of Pinot Noir, not surprising considering Mark Haisma was the winemaker, and then I found out that it does actually contain 40% Pinot Noir so I was right in that respect but there is so much more going on this bottle. I was testing an as-you-pour aerator at the time and a huge fruit filled bouquet was released from this wine, quite surprising considering how light it actually is. The colour is bright and translucent with not much body but the complexity is there – something of a paradox. There is oak but it’s not too heavy. The flavours are what sets this wine apart however. It starts with a sharp cherry and raspberry tanginess that reminded me a little of Fruit Sours. At length this gives way to a superb, and much sweeter, red fruit finish that was a real pleasant surprise.

Would I Buy It Again?: Yes.”

Thanks guys! You can indeed buy more of it. Right here.

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