Christmas Wine

With the most unusual of festive seasons upon us, planning ahead has never been more important. And it’s never been more relevant to be thoughtful about the Christmas wine you buy & drink and the supplier you choose.

It’s been a challenging year and we’ve proudly weathered the storm(s) to ensure ongoing support for the producers we work with.
Now it’s time to make sure YOU have the best celebration possible.
Here is the Wanderlust checklist for a Christmas cellar that ticks all boxes.

Keep it Simple

With so much going on – in our lives and the world at large – there surely is no time to waste.  This is why we’ve curated a number of special Christmas boxes that offer great and diverse selections at great value. They’ll make ideal selections for all celebrations and fantastic food pairing line-ups. They also make for fantastic gifts!

Another great, easy and thoughtful option for a gift is a Wine Club subscription – the gift-that-keeps-on-giving great bottles and an ongoing discount.

Don’t buy, belong

Wine selections delivered to your door every two months without the hassle of selecting and buying? An ongoing discount for all your other orders? Dedicated customer support? These are very good reasons to join our Wine Club.

But the main one might be that you’ll be joining a community of fellow consumers and winemakers guided by environmental and social sustainability principles.
A great New Year resolution: supporting passionate producers while getting the best pours delivered to you at best value!

Trust your Supplier

You might have wondered why we – and other fellow wine importers – don’t have wines at £5 like the major retailers. This is because there is a major difference between the wines we sell and the producers we work with vs. the cheap wine that lines supermarket shelves.

We sell our wines at a price that is fair to the producers for all their hard work. And – perhaps most importantly – the wines we sell are free of multiple additives and processing substances that go unlabelled in those cheap bottles.

We sell wine made, quite simply, from fermented grape juice.

So thank you for being brave and not being misled by unfair prices and obscure labelling. Be sure: our best-value wines are even more so because of the quality and purity they offer.

Help struggling countries

This year has certainly been challenging. But while we’ve all been battling a global pandemic worldwide, some countries have been facing additional political, natural and financial disasters. Some of these have had an unbelievable impact on farmers and winemakers.

California was devastated by fires with so many producers losing vineyards and cellars; South Africa was affected on two fronts with fires consuming the homes of multiple producers and a ban on alcohol sales leaving them without income, the explosion in Beirut shook the foundations of Lebanon’s society.

There’s no better way to support these communities and make sure their livelihood is somehow sustained than to buy their wines.
Let’s make it an even more meaningful Christmas!

Use it as a way of travelling

Just when we’d taken easy & cheap travelling for granted, we all found ourselves bound to four walls without much more to look at than a screen. One of the greatest joys of travelling is discovering new cuisines and exploring local food produce and wines.

While we are unable to escape and explore, wine is quite possibly the best way to get transported to other latitudes. It is also a great way to try out traditional festive recipes from across the globe.

Try one our new Greek producers for a Mediterranean take on Christmas or Oliver’s Taranga  for a very Australian barbecue (it gets hot down there in December!).
Open the ‘world in a glass’ and experiment new food & wine pairings.

Eat & Drink British

We’ve always been fierce supporters of the vibrant British wine industry and of the amazing producers that have, in such a short period, elevated the country’s pours to world class standards.

You might have heard about the challenges lockdown imposed on small businesses across the food industry, and wine is no exception.

Let’s all team up then to support British producers this Christmas. Drinking local is also a great way to promote environmental & social sustainability.

Reach Out!

Not sure what to buy (for yourself or as a gift)? Needing advice on food pairings? Tired of endless browsing? Trying to find the best way to build a selection at a given budget?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the past few months is that nothing quite replaces human interaction.
So if you have any questions or simply need a bit of advice please reach out!