Christmas Wine

The best of all seasons is upon us, finally and again.
We believe it should not, and cannot, be enjoyed without the best of wines, along with great food and better people.

Whether you’re planning a small or large celebration, a nice bottle can make a world of difference – be it for two or for ten. We’ve worked hard this year to bring you a wider and better range of producers and wines, which will hopefully be key companions during your festive season.
Make. Each. Moment. And. Glass. Count.


Some might call them classics – we call them essentials. Must-have bottles that you simply need to have in your cellar throughout the festive season and, arguably, all year round. Wines that provide guaranteed satisfaction, for both regular and occasional wine drinkers, are unfussily elegant and don’t break the bank.
True to their terroir and evoking the place they come from, these are wines you can rely on for everything: from a cheeky (special) glass at the end of a stressful day, to a company get-together or a last-minute gift.

Explore and impress

On the other hand, times of celebration should also be an opportunity to explore, venture outside one’s comfort zone and splurge. Your loved ones deserve a gift, but so do you! Take the opportunity to explore different regions, discover iconic producers and invest in a truly memorable tasting experience.

We have exciting new names in our portfolio – such as Tyler, Patrick Baudouin and H.J. Wiemer – whose wines are worth trying and stretching your budget for.

All that fizz

Bubbles are, needless to say, mandatory. The sound of a cork popping is enough to set the right mood. But a good fizz is, above all, a proper wine that deserves to be enjoyed at length and can be a perfect companion to food. So don’t restrict your sparkling to aperitif: give it the place it deserves at the table. (Champagne and cheese?! Yes!)

From a classic Champagne to a trendy pét-nats there are bubbles for all tastes, personalities and budgets.

Food Pairing favourites

Hosting Christmas dinner or lunch? Wondering about how to get the menu together, please everyone and cater all tastes & requirements? Worry not, there’s always a a perfect wine to pull it all together and take the edge off any worry or distress.

For perfect pairing companions you’ll want to look at wines that have textural, flavour complexity and a good backbone, without being overwhelming. It’s all about balance – in wine as in Christmas gatherings!

Eat & Drink British

A lot has been said this year about environmental consciousness and sustainability. With these values at the core of our ethos, there’s always a way to take it one step further by buying local and establishing a low impact supply chain.

With English wine increasingly becoming known for its quality and character, there is absolutely no reason not to follow this quest.

Wine Club – Gift that keeps giving

A bottle makes for a fine gift but what if instead your giftee could experience new wines every two months, along with the possibility of learning more and buying with an ongoing discount?

Our Wine Club is a thoughtful and hassle-free way of making your wine-loving friend or colleague happy well-beyond Christmas.
Simply choose a gift subscription, set the date on which you want them to receive the notification. We’ll do the rest!

Reach Out!

Puzzled, tired, curious? Drop us a line or call us if you need any help or advice.

We’re here to answer your questions, give suggestions and make your shopping experience smooth & easy.